The Nineteenth History


Oh, I forgot to mention that you don’t have to answer all 22, just the eleven at the bottom. Also don’t feel obligated to read through all of mine. Or answer any of them. I mean, do what you feel.

1. List your OTPs in your favorite fandom(s).
I’m kind of a boring shipper, really, so I’ll go with the ones I feel most strongly about, I suppose? Jo/Laurie (I know, I know. BUT THEY’RE JUST SO CUTE); John Stuart Mill/Harriet Taylor Mill (History fandom, represent!); Howl/Sophie

2. Has tumblr influenced you to join any fandoms? Almost all of them, really. I think Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who were the only fandoms I was part of before tumblr. Well, and I was a history nerd. Ya know.

3. Have you watched any Classic Who?
I have not, actually. I just haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

4. Do you read fanfiction?
Not really. I used to, back when I wasn’t allowed to watch/read Harry Potter. I was a devious child and decided that reading Harry Potter fanfiction wasn’t technically reading Harry Potter, so…

5. How many blogs do you follow?
Ninety…six, I think?

6. What’s your favorite book?
Oh, gracious. My “official” favourite—the one I choose when I need a definitive answer quickly—is The Count of Monte Cristo. It is one of the tragedies of my life that there is no film adaptation that does it anything close to justice.

That said, I am terrible with favourites and couldn’t possibly choose just one. Neverwhere is wonderful, Persuasion is a delight, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close moved me, and Little Women was probably my introduction to classic literature and will always be close to my heart.

7. What time do you generally go to bed?
Um…usually around 12, I think. At least now that I have things to do. Sometimes it falls to 1, but I’m trying to be better about, like, being an adult, or whatever which is why I’m procrastinating right now. Then I lie in bed with my thoughts swimming for another hour or so. Good times.

8. What’s your favorite movie?
Again…bad at favourites. So…my “official favourite” is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sleepless in Seattle is at the top, as well, along with Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Right. I’ll stop there. Otherwise, this simple questionnaire will turn into a masterpost of my film/music/book recommendations. lol

9. Pie or cake?

*sigh* Probably cake.

Though pie…



10. Do you like fandom mashups like superwho and wholock and superwhoavengerlock?
I do when they’re done well. And not flooding my dash.

11. Who is your celebrity crush? I would marry Jon Stewart. I would marry that man so hard.

And now my questions:

1. Do you like where you are in life?

2. What music are you into lately?

3. “You are what you eat.” What are you?

4. What’s your worst habit?

5. What moves you? What makes you angry, thrills your soul, pierces you to your core?

6. How many languages do you speak? What are they?

7. What characteristic or habit do you find irresistible?

8. Do you prefer to wear silver? Or gold?

9. What do you love about yourself?

10. If you were to distill the belief you hold most dear to one phrase/sentence/quote, what would that be?

11. Are you alive? Or are you just living?

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